Globe “Dart” Longboard Review

Longboarding’s popularity has become more popular in recent years. In big cities to smaller ones, people of all ages are taking old-school skateboarding to a new level. Not to be confused with skateboards, longboards are wider, and that offers more stability than a normal skateboard. The new wave of boards comes in myriad shapes and sizes. The beauty of longboarding is no matter your age, it’s pretty easy to get stoked and learn and hone skating skills.

But finding that perfect longboard, especially for the beginner, can be a more than just a little intimidating. Cost and safety factors are just two things to be considered.
Longboarding can be potentially dangerous whether the rider is using the board for transportation or performing tricks. A cheaply made longboard can result in an injury and most likely will turn off the beginner rider.

Selecting the optimum deck, trucks, wheels and bearings for your unique riding style can be overwhelming. Longboards most commonly are used for transportation or racing. When shopping for your first longboard, or your next longboard, remember that longboards are best used for a specific purpose. Understand what your needs are and tailor-pick which board best fits what you want.

Instead of custom-building your first longboard, novice skaters should consider a plethora of complete longboards to choose.

And if you’re looking for something sleek, fast and cool looking, don’t look past the popular Globe longboard models, specifically the Dart 30″ Complete Camo longboard.

You get what you pay for and the Globe name has been associated with high-quality construction and unique designs.

The Dart 30″ Camo is a fantastic board for casual longboard events or just for cruising.

At a length of 30 inches and having a wheelbase of a little more than 21 inches, the Dart 30″ is perfect for maintaining balance and maneuvering through traffic. The Camo model comes with 159 mm silver trucks and super fast 65 mm 83A amber wheels. Other Dart 30″ models come with other color wheels, and a slightly smaller (63 mm) wheel.

Trucks, the T-shaped metal attachments on the underbelly of the Dart 30″, are crucial to keeping the wheels anchored to the board.

Smoothness of the ride is the common denominator throughout the Dart line of longboards, and trucks that Globe uses ensures a smooth cruise.

Globe, which is based out of Australia, has designed the Dart 30″ longboard with comfortable riding in mind. With the ease of turns and smooth ride, the Dart 30″ longboard is a champ when it comes to cruising and carving.

But for many riders who just want a smooth, easy way to get around, the Dart 30″ longboard is the ticket.

Attention to detail is a Globe standard, and it’s in the details that give Dart 30″ riders satisfaction. Attention to detail is seen throughout the Dart line. Riders who select the Dart 30″ longboard exude confidence thanks to Globe’s remarkable craftsmanship. Globe uses top-of-the-line components to assure riders the very best ride. Turns can be made easily and smoothly without compromising speed and balance.

The Globe Dart 30″ longboard is constructed with seven-ply hard maple and is assembled with a resin epoxy, which helps extend the life of the board. Maple has proven to be durable and reliable, and the construction using maple allows the longboard to take a beating and remain functional for a long time.

The Dart 30″ deck’s concave shape is surf-inspired to help keep your feet on the deck during carving. It also comes with a clear EVA tail pad; although some riders say the tail pad is not necessary.

Globe uses rust-resistant stainless steel hardware throughout the manufacturing of the Dart line. Nylon seating washers keep hardware from ripping up the grip tape. Globe uses a torque driver to make sure each nut and screw is installed with the same amount of pressure, which should let the rider know that the manufacturer understands the importance of safety features when it comes to the Dart.

Globe also has developed a urethane riser pad specifically for its models to assure a smooth, even ride, even on the roughest of surfaces. The Dart 30″ Complete Camo’s soft wheels contribute to a comfortable, confident ride. Working together to ensure the smoothest ride on the roughest surfaces, Globe has assembled slant trucks, Globe Abec 7 bearings, Globe hardware and Globe griptape.

Globe’s griptape is similar to sandpaper and is attached to the deck with an adhesive to give the rider better traction. Griptape’s main jobs: Help you stay on your feet on the board and to look good.

Globe also touts itself as perhaps the only manufacturer that installs bearing spacers on every longboard. These spacers are crucial for maintaining alignment that is necessary for a fast ride while reducing wear and tear on the wheels.

The Dart’s wheel well design keeps wheels clear of the deck when you turn. The wheels also absorb vibrations in the road. Globe put sandspray grip on the front for good traction and a soft pad on the back so you can still get around in bare feet. Excellent wheel difference is good for some pretty drastic carving.

Complaints are far and few between. One reviewer said the wheels make a clicking sound even after lubing the bearings, but that it wasn’t a big deal.

One of the disadvantages of the Dart 30″ Complete Camo model is a complaint heard often with fully constructed longboards. Many of the installed products are stock products. Stock offerings might be good options for beginner shredders, but for many who have experienced, the stock set up might be lacking.

Another important thing to remember and why the Globe 30″ Complete Camo longboard model should be at the top of your list is reputation. Globe does not mass produce its boards using substandard hardware. Globe is serious about producing a board that will not break down. Remember, you get what you pay for. The Globe Dart 30″ is well-designed and long-lasting. The modern design will allow you to get around easily with a deck that makes maneuvering a piece of cake. Riders of any skill level would be wise to consider this model.

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Globe “Sun City” Longboard Review

When you’re looking for a great longboard for cruising and carving, the Globe Sun City longboard offers you ease of maneuvering, speed, as well as a great looking board. Images upon images are printed to create a montage of Sun City with girls in hula skirts, wicked waves and much more. This could be the board to make you the envy of all your friends. To ensure you buy the best board for your money, you will want to read up on some of the details of this particular longboard.

The Longboard comes with important stuff

When you look at the Sun City longboard, or any other longboard for that matter, you have to look at what it comes with. While you can always replace some of the items to improve your board, this is what it will come with:

- System ABEC 5 bearings

- System bearing spacers

- Stainless hardware

All of this will help to provide added durability and value to your longboard. The spacers and bearings help you to get a longer life out of your wheels. When you cruise often, this is critical so that you’re not reaching into your pocket to replace wheels all the time. The stainless hardware is also going to prevent rusting so you don’t encounter a harsh ride at any time.

The importance of comparison shopping

When you look at a board, figure out what you need. If you want it for cruising or something else, this needs to be identified early on. If you plan on going to the skate park, you probably don’t want a longboard in the first place, but it’s always about personal preferences.

When you do comparison shopping, you cannot focus solely on price, though that’s important as well. Here’s the full list of what to look at:

- Price

- Board design

- Wheels and bearings

- Curvature

- Reviews

You will find everything you need to know about the Globe Sun City longboard right here so you can make a decision as to whether it’s right for you. It’s got a great looking board design and the hula girls are just what you may want to see when you’re cruising down the street. There are some great shots of waves on the board as well as some topless hula girls.

The wheels and bearings need to be compared to some of the others, as you will see when you read the reviews. The curvature of the board (as well as the size) also has to be considered because you need it to be comfortable for you.

At the end of the day, the comparisons are there to help you get the best board for your riding pleasure. You can ignore all the reviews you want to because it’s your board and yours alone. Depending on what you want and what you want to spend, there are various options out there, though it’s hard to do much better than the Globe Sun City longboard, especially when you look at the price tag.

Details on the Sun City Longboard

Reading up on the details of the Sun City longboard will help you to understand all of the possibilities and compare it to some of the other longboards that are on the market. This one is made from 7 ply hard rock maple and uses resin epoxy glue so you don’t have to worry about the board coming apart on you. The board itself is 30 inches long with a tail kick. The width is 9.25 inches and has a concave design. There is also 5.25” slant trucks as well as 62mm 83A wheels installed on it. The speed bearings and high tensile hardware is also a great feature that is on there.

There is a traction pad that is surf-inspired on the tail and this makes it possible to do all sorts of things beyond traveling down the sidewalk. Smooth rolling is possible because of the concave wheels and offers a generally easy way to get where you’re going.

There is some wheel wells created so that you can turn fast without digging into your board. These are not found on all long boards and when you want a board that’s going to last, this is definitely a feature that you want to look into.

The bearings are also strong enough to keep you rolling down the street. A single push can get you a good 30 feet or more depending upon the surface. This can make cruising a lot easier and when you want a board to do such a thing, having a good set of bearings is a feature that you need to explore.

It’s ready to ride out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of assembly. There’s also a clear sandy grit over the surface to get the traction that you need while still being able to see all of the amazing graphics. The photos were actually contributed by the staff at Globe, which is pretty cool that they involved their employees in the overall design.

Pros of the Globe Sun City Longboard

- Soft traction pad makes it easier to stick more tricks and can be more comfortable to ride barefoot.

- Stiff board makes it good to cruise with, though is not the ideal one for half pipes and other tricks because of the lack of flexibility.

- Shape is similar to that of a surfboard, so many beginners prefer the design in order to help with balance and overall comfort for riding.

- The price point is spot on, making it easy to make adjustments such as new wheels and trucks without spending too much more money and being able to personalize the longboard.

- Lightweight board only weighs about 5 pounds, making it easy to get some good speed as well as pick it up and carry it when needed.

- Inverted trucks make the board easy to ride and achieve a smooth ride, even over some of the rougher terrain.

- Soft wheels make it easy to roll over anything that is in your way while still being able to stay on the board.

Cons of the Globe Sun City Longboard

- The wheels can tear up after a short period of time, so replacing them with better ones immediately can save a lot of time and frustration.

- It’s too big to fit in your backpack, so you will need to get the skateboard straps if you want to take it to school or anywhere else.

- The tail is a little too short compared to what some people want for tricks and other things. However, it is just long enough to do some manuals, so it may require some getting used to.

Read the reviews to learn more!

This is a brand new product released from Globe, so there are not a lot of reviews out there about it. The good news is that you can be the one to review it so that everyone else can find out just how smooth it is to ride. You can also be the first in the neighborhood to own it so you cannot get accused of copying someone else’s look.

“The foam panel is pretty sick” is how one person reviewed it and that’s because it’s easy to ride the board barefoot. This isn’t a common feature to be seen on longboards, though it’s always something that you can add after the fact. Since Globe added it on there for you for free, it’s pretty cool and something you definitely want to take advantage of.

If you want to know more about the Globe Sun City longboard, you can look at the longboards that have been produced by Globe in the past. These are great for cruising and carving, but if you want really fast speeds or you are on rougher terrain, you will want to replace the wheels with something better than what comes stock.

When you are a beginning cruiser and you want a good stable board without spending a lot of money, you can look to the Globe Sun City longboard to do the trick for you. It’s not very expensive when you compare it to some of the other brands of boards out there. As you get more comfortable riding the surf-style board, you can always make some upgrades to this board or change out and get another one entirely.

Final Thoughts

The Globe Sun City longboard is a little different from the other longboards that have been offered from this company in the past. The graphics are sick and you will love the surf-inspired décor that it has throughout the board. The sand grit gives you good traction and the foam pad makes it comfortable to ride barefoot. The style makes it easy for beginners and by changing out some of the wheels and bearings, experienced riders will love it for cruising as well. Compare it to some of the other models and brands that are out there, but when it comes down to it, you can’t beat the price that it sells for.

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Globe 30 Neff Sea Pals Longboard Review

When you are looking for a long board, the Globe 30” Neff Sea Pals one is ideal because it has a lot of great features. It also has all of the art work you could already ask for, so you don’t have to worry about throwing bumper stickers and such on it, which can peel off and prevent you from sticking your landing. The more you know about this long board, the better. While Globe has a lot of great products on the market, there are other options, too – and you want to be sure you get the best board for your money.

Understand what the product comes with

When you purchase the Neff Sea Pals Longboard, it’s going to include an array of products for you. This includes such things as:

- 159 MM silver trucks

- 62MM 83a clear red wheels

- 8MM bearings

- Bearing spacers

- Stainless steel hardware

- Complete longboard assembly

You need to know how your board is assembled so you don’t run into any problems when you are out on your longboard, regardless of whether you are riding or doing tricks. Bearing spacers are installed on the board, which gives you a better alignment of the bearings and can help to make them and the wheels last longer because they won’t wear as fast.

There is also a unique riser bad that has durable shock. This ultimately means that you have a smoother ride and will keep the hardware tight so that you can extend the life of your board. Since you don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks on a board every few years, you want one that’s going to last.

The use of stainless steel hardware is also important for strength as well as preventing rust. If you have ever had a board that didn’t use this kind of hardware and it rusted, you know that it ruins the performance of the board and doesn’t look that great, either.

Important Details

You have to know about the board that you are buying long before you actually buy it. The 30” Neff Sea Pals longboard is made of 7 ply maple and has a length of 30” and a width of 9.375”. There is a New School hole pattern and a clear grip. It is designed for cruising and carving.

Depending on what you want to do with your longboard, you want to look for certain features. The more you know about a board, the easier it is to buy with confidence knowing that it is going to provide you with a great ride for your money.

Pros of the Globe Neff Sea Pals Long Board

- The design is so bad-ass that it makes it feel more comfortable than a lot of other cruisers. You don’t see a longboard in such a great shape every day and this one makes it easy to stay on for long distances.

- The chunky wheels make it easy to ride over things along the sidewalk or street without having to maneuver around them or worry about being ripped off your board.

- There is a lot of space on the board, so there is plenty of room to stand on it, no matter how big or small you may be.

- Canadian hard rock maple is the construction, so it’s similar to that of many other skateboards on the market.

- Polyurethane clear coat helps the board withstand all of the weather and any puddles that you may ride it through so you don’t have to worry about board warping or rot.

- Turning is simple and there’s no issue when you are going at high speeds and then want to make a turn due to the height of the risers and the overall shape of the board.

- Swallow tail makes it easy to do a few manuals, which is a perk of having a long board cruiser.

- Slanted riser pad along with wheel well cut outs makes it easy to turn really hard without getting any wheel bites, so it’s a good feature and can add to the longevity of the board.

- Bombing hills is a joy. The smooth ride makes it fun to go out with friends and compete with anyone else who is on a longboard.

- The price is a steal at just over $100. While some people want to change out a few features, such as the wheels, bearings or risers, it’s still a good price, even when you consider some of the other things that need to be done to it so that it’s right for you and your riding style.

Cons of the Globe Neff Sea Pals Long Board

- The wheels aren’t the greatest if you are getting up to high speeds. If you plan on going fast, you can have the wheels swapped out for better ones so that you can still take advantage of the board.

- The bearings can become a problem over time. Although they are made with the stainless steel, it has become a problem for some. Make sure that it has the bearing spacers on it and if the problem still exists, then it’s always possible to replace them with something a little more durable.

- The tail isn’t long enough to do many tricks if you are a beginner. While many enjoy the design for cruising, if you are used to a long tail, this one may not be right for you.

- It’s too big to fit in your backpack. If you want to take it to school or anywhere else, then you need the skate carry straps that will make it easier to transport the board anywhere you go.

- The risers are higher than what many people are used to. The solution is to learn to deal with it or trade them out for 1/8 inch risers.

Reading the Reviews

It’s a good idea to read some of the reviews that are out there about this long board. Most people comment that they get a smooth ride and love the feel of the board. Remember that the terrain that you ride on is going to impact how you are going to enjoy any longboard. Those who live in flat neighborhoods can get 30 feet and more in a single push. If you have a lot of grainy terrain, however, it’s going to require more effort.

The wheels are a little soft and some people prefer these while others decide to go out and buy 7s in order to get a better overall feel. You will be able to ride over some of the pebbles and stuff, but if there are a lot of rocks in your area, you may want something a little stronger. It’s all up to you as well as how experienced you are in cruising. Look at where people say they are cruising so you can compare it to where you will be cruising. This is what will give you the best clue as to whether the board is going to be good for you or not.

No one has anything bad to say about the price. It’s an unbeatable price in comparison to what’s out there. Globe has been known to have a good product when it comes to skateboards and the design of this long board in conjunction with Neff is certainly one that people are claiming all sorts of good things about the graphics including such terms as “cool,” “sick,” and “amazing.” If you have thought about decorating a blank board on your own, there is something to be said about getting one that has a great design already on it. This allows you to get the board that you want and can ride it immediately instead of having to add art to it.

There are countless reviews out there about the board already and plenty of people have added it to their “wish list.” If you want a longboard, it’s worth exploring this 30” Globe Neff Sea Pals one to see if it will meet your needs.

Final Thoughts

The sweet shape of this board is ultimately what people love, though the bang up artwork as a result of the collaboration between globe and Neff really make this something to look at. You can’t go wrong with the price, so if you enjoy a board that feels awesome, you can count on this one to work well for you.

At the end of the day, you have to decide on the longboard that is right for you. The reviews have shown that people love this long board not only for its function but also for its looks. It’s got a wicked design that makes sure you get noticed when you’re cruising along. It has been built in a rugged fashion so you can take this board everywhere you go and know that it’s going to get you to where you need to go based upon the overall construction.

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Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddess Longboard Review

If you are thinking of buying the Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddess longboard, then you need to be aware of a few things first. Choosing the right board is important. An educated opinion is critical to righteous cruising and carving, especially if you are under the misconception that longboards are just elongated skateboards.

A longboard is not a typical skateboard. Longboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes, longboards are longer than a traditional skateboard, but that is not always the case. Some longboards are shorter than regular skateboards. What makes a skateboard a longboard are a combination of differences such as oversized, soft wheels and wide trucks that are good for turning and riding those wicked concrete waves.

Know Before You Buy

You gotta know before you flow. Whether you are looking for a mellow, one-with-everything jam, or you want to kill it hill bombing, knowledge is power. It may be tempting to buy an unknown board, because it is either stylish or has been super hyped. A little upfront research is a good idea, and it will make sure you have the best longboarding experience possible for your unique needs.

The Board Basics

The Globe 31.5″ Sterlz Hesh Goddess Longboard Complete is a sweet, detailed, metallic, gold-flake dip, limited edition board. Only 666 of these longboards were made. Each limited edition board is marked with individual laser etched numbering. The deck and tail harken back to Globe’s awesome surfing heritage. The board shape features an old-school, concave deck, a decent kicktail, an upturned nose, and built-in bottle opener.

This solid longboard by Globe is locked and loaded with a tenacious no-slip grip that is ready to rip. The board is versatile and satisfying, particularly for the novice boarder. The Globe 31.5″ Sterlz Hesh Goddess Longboard Complete is made for easy cruising, carving, basic tricks and skate park action. The cool, underside deck art is thanks to a mutually beneficial co-op with Globe and Sterling Bartlett. Bartlett is a boarder, visual artist, illustrator and overall fringe culture specialist. This package is fully assembled. No additional parts are required.

The Pros of Globe’s Sterlz Hesh Goddess

  • The Sterlz Hesh Goddess is made of 7-ply, laminated, maple hardwood. The laminate deck is super strong and not too flexy. This is a great board for traveling to class or around town quickly and in style. You can run into curbs all day and will probably break the curb or your foot before you break the longboard. The seven layers have serious tensile strength with some torsional flex and give for pumps and slides.
  • The deck is 31.5 inches long and 10 inches wide with a thickness of 7/16 inches. This board will work for anyone from beginner to intermediate due to its stability, but it is on the short side. Be sure the effective foot platform is sufficient before purchase. This stubby longboard is also perfect for height-challenged boarders.
  • The deck’s concavity helps keep your feet in place during aerial maneuvers. The wheelbase dimension is a relatively small 16.375 inches and features the new-school hole pattern. The trucks are wide independent 169mm in silver tone.
  • All hardware is torque-driven stainless steel. Quality hardware may seem like a no-brainer, but if you buy without knowing, you could end up with a shoddy board. Boards that are just waiting to fall apart at the apex of an ollie or halfway through a kickflip are a huge bummer. So, do not cut corners. Hardware and assembly are important.
  • The board features a urethane riser pad for a smooth, stable ride when bombing hills or cruising the streets. Urethane is the same rugged material you will find in the longboard’s wheels. Urethane also helps keep the assembly tight. The riser pad provides plenty of wheel clearance. Tight hardware and risers are key to going the distance with killer turns and zero wheel bite during hard turns.
  • The longboard comes with bearing spacers as stock equipment. Bearing spacers are excellent for ensuring even bearing alignment. The evenness is what you need for a fast ride and limited wheel wear, which comes in handy in this assembled Sterlz Hesh Goddess Longboard with its sketchy stock bearings.

The Cons of Globe’s Sterlz Hesh Goddess

  • With a fully constructed longboard, the installation products are usually Globe stock offerings. If you want to crush it with a fully customized riding experience, you may want to make some changes to the stock products. If you are new to longboarding, try the stock setup first. Once you have some experience under your belt, you will know what changes you would like to make.
  • The grip is imbedded in the board’s surface, which is good for traction and design. It is not so good when it starts to fray and wear. Due to construction specs, this can be as soon as a few months of heavy thrashing.
  • The white, stock, Powell 60mm 90a Rat Bones wheels are on the small side. They are soft, which is great for the street, but they cone easily and quickly. The System Abec Five 8mm bearings can be a problem, as well. They require frequent cleaning for best performance. Even with the extra care, you will probably end up pushing off more than you would like, and you may even notice a reticent drag on the downhill.
  • While the kicktail shape and size is a lot of fun and perfect for tricks, problems may develop over time with repeated use. It should be noted that there is no hard rail on this longboard, and the tail material wears out quickly under moderate thrashing.

The Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddess is a great longboard for a beginner looking for a board that is long on style and sturdy enough for newbie abuse. The board is also perfect for anyone who is looking for a nice, smooth, carving board or a great ride around town. The material quality is sufficient for of basic tricks, practice, cruising and carving, but if you are searching for something more hardcore this is not your board. This complete longboard comes with all the basics necessary for an out-of-the-box experience, but it could easily be upgraded by replacing some stock parts with superior parts.

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An Easy Guide to Boarding for Begginers

Where to go, and what to do to learn to board.

If you want to learn to longboard but have never tried, or if you want to teach some friends to board, here are several tips and rules to apply. First you will need to find a place to longboard that will be fun, safe, and easy. You need the fun so that newbies will be inspired to get better faster, you need the safe so that newbies won’t get plastered by traffic, and you need the easy so that newbies don’t get bummed out on the boarding scene. The best places are empty parking lots or quiet neighborhoods with new asphalt. Parking garages have worked great for me in the past. Newbies can practice on the flat areas, and the veterans in your group can bomb from the top to the bottom. No gets bored, and everyone can be doing something. There is however a MAJOR downside to most parking garages. If the garage has a solid wall in the center, you will not be able to see if a car is coming. So if you choose a garage, play it safe.


Now here are the three rules of learning to board as a newbie.

1. This is the most important rule, learn to FOOTBRAKE. When you realize you are getting too much speed, it can go bad very quickly if you don’t footbrake and slow down. There are several tutorials on YouTube that teach foot braking for different riding styles and foot positioning.

2. Learn to carve before doing any hills. No matter how good you think you are or how little a hill looks, don’t bomb hills until you can carve. Carving is basically making sharp weaving turns alternating to the left and right while going down a hill. This keeps you at an even pace and makes you more comfortable with your board.

3. Never do hills alone. If you are going to bomb a hill, bring a friend who is legally and physically capable of driving you to the hospital. Im my years of boarding there have been downhill accidents ranging from skinned elbows, to shattered wrists, all the way up to a skull cracked wide open. Hill bombing is serious business, so take it seriously.


In the end the best advice for beginners is this, take it slow. I spent a long time on my board learning to speed up, slow down, stop, and turn before tackling the big stuff, and I have had only four falls in seven years of longboarding. There are too many people who would love longboarding, but who took things to fast and got hurt. Just remember to have fun and keep it safe.

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Landyachtz Switchblade Review

Despite its name, the construction and materials are what makes a longboard, not its length. Longboards come in many shapes and sizes and all are best when used for a specific purpose. Some boards are for dancing, some for flip-tricks, some for downhill, and some for traveling/cruising. Read more for our Landyachtz Switchblade from

The Landyachtz Switchblade Review

41UbV83rbKL1 150x150 Landyachtz Switchblade Review blog The Landyachtz Switchblade is one of the best boards I have ever ridden. After testing it out I made it my new #1 ride replacing my old Sector 9. This is by far one of the best all-around boards availiable. It is awesome for cruising, sliding and tricks. And with the right setup it can be a wicked downhill board. For anyone looking for a board they can use for anything, pick the Switchblade. It has an awesome cut through setup that lets you bottom mount or top mount your trucks depending on your preference. The board has no flex at all like most Landyachtz downhill boards and it has some concave foot pockets to tuck in for slides and sharp turns.

You would think it from a cut through board, but the switchblade can actually have some bad wheel bite if you use the wrong trucks. It is specifically designed for grizzley trucks so make sure that is what you are getting. other than that, this board is flawless.

Landyachtz Switchblade – Pros

Excellent board for those new to longboarding as well as veterans.
High quality construction and versatile design.
Drop through trucks for a low set ride.
Awesome graphic.
Good ride for any style.

Landyachtz Switchblade – Cons

Can have wheel bite if using trucks other than grizzleys


Landyachtz Switchblade – Longboard final rating, 9.9 out of 10.

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How Longboarding Can Still Be Fun in the Winter

Winter Boarding:

How you can enjoy longboarding even when it’s cold enough to freeze your liver…

As much as we all love longboarding, not everyone loves freezing to death for it. The winter is usually a down time for most boarders, especially for those who live in areas prone to snow and ice during the winter. Not to mention that winter weather is usually not super healthy, for your board that is. In this post I hope to share some of my tips and tricks for winter weather boarding.

The Elements vs Your Longboard.

Some of the worst weather to expose your longboard to is usually found in the winter. Puddles, ice, snow, mud, rain, temperature changes, these things all have one thing in common, they are all out to get you precious longboard. Here are some ways that you can protect your four wheeled friend…

  1. Temperature. The cold/warm weather fluctuations will warp and weather your board like crazy, keep your deck inside!
  2. Waterproofing. Waterproofing spray can be found with most camping gear, spray it on your kicks and the wooden parts of your deck to avoid wet feet or soaked wood. This wont help much in a downpour but works wonders for heavy mist or puddles.
  3. Body Heat. To stay warm while boarding, wear a long-sleve t-shirt and a good jacket. Wear gloves and a hat as your hands and head lose most of your body heat. Just wear normal jeans or pants, if you are boarding your legs are probably going to be pretty warm from all the work.
  4. CLEAN THOSE BEARINGS. Bearing rust is the Achilles heal of longboarders, after every damp or cold session you need to scrub and rust off your bearings with some steel wool and spray them with just a tiny little bit of silicone spray, (Both found at a hardware store)

For the most part, winter boarding is what you make of it. Just remember to be safe and have fun with it.


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Globe Beirdo Review

Despite its name, the construction and materials are what makes a longboard, not its length. Longboards come in many shapes and sizes and all are best when used for a specific purpose. Some boards are for dancing, some for flip-tricks, some for downhill, and some for traveling/cruising. Read more for our Globe Beirdo Review from

The Globe Beirdo Review

The Globe Beirdo is one of the coolest longboards I have ever seen. It’s extremely similar in shape and build Globe Prowler, and the Landyachtz Battle Axe. It has drop-through mounted trucks but you can also top mount them if you want to. Keeping the deck low to the ground helps to reduce speed wobbles and make pushing easier. The cut-aways for the wheels allow the sharpest possible turns with no wheel bite. This board is awesome for carving and cruising and it is awesome for downhill boarding. The deck is pretty flat and flexes just the right amount. The Beirdo is well recognized by is graphic on the bottom, it really is an awesome board for just about any use. It has tons of speed with the right wheels and flexes enough for good carving. The Beirdo is 33″ long (which is a bit short for a longboard) and 10″ wide at its broadest point.

The nose is pretty narrow which causes some balance issues if you like to plant your foot on the very end of the board. But the wide body compensates by giving you plenty of leverage for steering and a bigger area for foot control. Everything else about the board is perfect for me. I use this board mostly for cruising, carving, and downhill. You could use this board for some dancing and flip-tricks, but its true value is in its awesome traveling abilities. It is a shorter board but this doesn’t really affect its performance. I would suggest this board over the other Globe longboards for anyone.

Globe Beirdo Review – Pros

Excellent board for those new to longboarding as well as veterans.
High quality construction and versatile design.
Drop through trucks for a low set ride.
Awesome graphic.
Good ride for any style.

Globe Beirdo Review – Cons

Narrow nose does not allow for much foot room near the end of the board.
No kick-tail for flip-tricks.


Globe Beirdo Review – Longboard final rating, 9.5 out of 10.

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Globe Arcadia Review

Looking for the right longboard? 

Despite its name, the construction and materials are what makes a longboard, not its length. Longboards come in many shapes and sizes and all are best when used for a specific purpose. Some boards are for dancing, some for flip-tricks, some for downhill, and some for traveling/cruising. Read more for our Globe Arcadia Review from

The Globe Arcadia Review

The Globe Arcadia is one of Globe’s shorter cruise boards designed for campus and suburban travel. It’s extremely similar in shape and build to the Sector 9 cosmic series pathfinder. It features bottom mounted trucks which keep the deck higher off the ground, this helps get you clear of small obstacles and bumps. There are no cut aways in the deck for the wheels, but this kind of board usually doesn’t turn sharp enough to have any problems with wheel bite. This board is awesome for cruising and I recommend it to college students or downtown dwellers who need a quick and easy ride from place to place. The deck is pretty flat and flexes just the right amount. The Arcadia is 35.5″ long and 9″ wide at its broadest point.

I definitely wouldn’t suggest this board for downhill or sliding. It is too tall off the ground and too short for the high speeds that downhill involves, and if you put wheels hard enough to slide on this board it will throw you off and roll when you throw it out to slide.

Globe Arcadia Review – Pros

Excellent board for those looking for quick easy trips around campus.
Comfortable travel board.
Small enough to carry around.

Globe Arcadia Review – Cons

Not safe for high speeds or sliding.
Too short and tall for long distance riding.


Globe Arcadia Review – Longboard final rating, 7.5 out of 10.

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